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"As a black woman, when it comes to hair,

I respect every woman's decision to wear their hair as they please. But, the fact remains, many covet what is not theirs and reject what is. I just happen to love my kinky hair.  My goal is to create "High Hair Esteem".

- Tameka Moore

Owner, LocLife Movement®, LLC

Why was LocLife Movement created?

In addition to our mission statement, LocLife Movement would like to create a positive reflection of ALL things beautiful about our hair in its natural form. And, to destroy all of the misconceptions about choosing to wear locs. I want to create "High Hair-Esteem"! Join me on this journey...

Biggest Misconceptions of wearing locs?

  1. They are dirty and people who wear locs don't wash their hair. Totally False! Because it can take months for your hair to actually loc, it can be a challenge to wash your hair regularly. While you don't want your hair to unravel before it locs, you also don't want dirt and oil build-up on your scalp. This can make it even more difficult for your hair to loc. Most people with locs wash their hair at least every 2-3 weeks.

  2. People who wear locs are lazy and just don't want to comb their hair. WHAT!! To maintain healthy locs you must be committed to taking care of them. So, although locs require a different maintenance regimen, its not that much different from the maintenance of relaxing or getting a weave.

  3. You have to shave your head to get rid of your locs. Wrong!!! Your hair typically starts to dread an inch or two away from the scalp. So, there is no need to shave your head unless you want to. I have even known people to let their natural hair grow several inches to have some length before cutting their locs off.

Biggest Pet-peeve?

It used to be people that would touch my hair without my permission. But, honestly the first time I saw someone with locs, I wanted to touch them too! Yeah, it's still annoying but what's more annoying than that are people who say locs are not "professional". How come? Because it's not "bone straight"? Well, that's not how my hair grows from my scalp. I think your professionalism should be based upon your work ethic, demeanor and competence, not the way you wear your hair!

Primary Goals for LocLife Movement?​

  • I want LocLife Movement to become one of the most reputable and respected companies within the natural hair community all over the world. Know that this company's foundation has been built on self-pride, integrity and hard work!

  • Take pride in wearing our apparel and practice self-acceptance! Wearing your natural hair in today's society is not always accepted. Show everyone you love yourself in your natural state.

  • Inspire others to be comfortable in their own skin, especially our young people. "Train a child in the way they should go. When they get older they will not "LYE"!

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